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1) The first most important reason is that structurally it is not necessary on low traffic areas like a home driveway. The main reason you fill cracks on high traffic areas, like streets and parking lots, is that on a rainy day extra water gets foreced down the crack with cars driving over the crack all day eventually washing out the base underneath, causing pot holes to form. On a low traffic area, like a home driveway, extra water goes in the crack but you do not have execssive traffic.

2) The soft rubber crack filler some of our competitors use, during the heat of the summer days, can stick to your shoes and track in on your floors and carpeting.

3) No matter what you do to the cracks they will reopen again in a matter of months.(The stress cracks that go across the drive will even reflect up through a 2 inch overlay after 1-2 years.) Because of the potential tracking problem, and the fact that it is not necessary on low traffic areas combined with the fact they reopen anyway, we feel the Homeowner is far better off not filling cracks.


We have a $1,000 minimum for patching home drives. If you have low spots or areas with "alligator" cracking, we highly recommend just sealing them because they probably will not get any worse, but if they would we could path at that time for the same price as now. Usually these troubled areas do not get much worse, so you will save the $1,000.

We prefer not patching home drives because even after patching, and 2 coats of sealing, the patched area will stand out from the rest of the drive.

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