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BEAUTIFIES your properties curb appearance by making your driveway a jet/black, even finish.
PROTECTS your asphalt from the damaging effects of sun-oxidation*, gas and oil drippings, and winter salt.
SAVES you from spending thousands of dollars on expensive repairs or a premature overlay.

*Ultraviolet rays from the sun can “dry out” or oxidize the binding of the asphalt thus making it susceptible to cracking and unraveling.
  Seal coater will knock
To ensure vehicles are out of the garage and off the drive
Clean area
The existing asphalt surface will be cleaned. First, we trim grass from edges. Then, with steel bristled brooms and an 8 hp high-velocity power blower we remove any lose gravel and finer particles. As well as priming any gas or oil spots to ensure bonding.
Apply Seal Coat
We use a specially designed
industrial sealer with copolymer additive which makes the already outstanding sealer dry blacker, last longer and virtually eliminate scuffing. Our expert seal coaters hand apply the material in a neat and professional manner.
    Upon Completion
The crew will block off the end off the driveway to traffic. (Traffic should stay off the drive for 24hr)

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